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Top tips on creating a startup business

Starting a business in California is relatively easy, but actually being successful tends to be more difficult. Those who are looking to start a company should look for inefficiencies in the market that they can remedy. By looking for a niche, it can be easier for a new company to compete with established players in a given industry. A business plan can help an individual create a list of potential niches.

How angel investors help new businesses

Entrepreneurs in California and throughout the country could benefit from what is known as angel investing. An angel investor is generally a friend, family member or professional connection who is more interested in potential than profit. Of course, such an investor is hoping to get a return on his or her investment. However, a business owner may not be on the hook for repaying the investment should the company fail.

The importance of protecting intellectual property

There are many factors to consider when creating a new company, and protecting intellectual property is one of the most important. While not every startup has information that seems as secret as a famous recipe or formula, almost all companies in California have some kind of proprietary data that is worth protecting. A variety of legal tools are available to shield IP.

Getting SBA loans

The United States Small Business Administration backs loans that entrepreneurs in California and the rest of the country can use for almost any type of business purpose. The loans have competitive terms and rates, longer times for repayment, smaller down payments, guardrails for going through the loan process and a wide selection of loan options. Almost any small business that is in operation and is providing a service or product is able to apply for SBA loan. However, it is important that small business owners who apply for the loans understand how they work.

Steps to creating a successful startup venture

Almost anyone can start a company in California. The first step in creating a successful venture is to come up with an idea that works. Usually, this happens by creating a unique solution to a problem that consumers can latch onto. It is important to understand that the idea only has to be better than what currently exists.

Signed term sheet a good sign, not a guarantee

For entrepreneurs and business owners in California, securing a term sheet is a major step in the fundraising process. Once the term sheet is in hand, potential investors may speed up their evaluation processes and the next stages of the deal are set in motion. Following the receipt of the term sheet, legal review and due diligence can begin in earnest.

Issues that cause VCs to say no to funding start-up companies

The entrepreneurial ambitions of business people in California often depend on venture capitalists and VC firms investing in start-up companies. Entrepreneurs typically strive to make their best cases when asking for money, but their efforts might be sabotaged by overlooked issues or even rivalries among VCs that are beyond their control.

Some businesses may change structure after tax reforms

As California businesses grow after their formation, they may find that they want to change their type of corporate registration. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, passed in December 2017, made it a profitable choice for many S corporations to become C corporations instead. The tax reform bill cut the highest tax rate for C corporations from 35 to 21 percent. In addition, pass-through businesses like S corporations also received a limited 20 percent tax deduction. In order to change from an S corporation to a C corporation, a majority of shareholders must consent to the change.

Online presence still important for small businesses

When people in California go into business for themselves, they may be so focused on improving their product that they do not want to focus on keeping up a social media presence. Many people are starting new enterprises, especially as a Wells Fargo and Gallup poll revealed that optimism among small businesses is the highest it has been in 15 years. Indeed, 78 percent of small business owners said that their financial situations are good, and 69 percent said that their cash flow was positive in 2017. Another 77 percent also expected positive results in the coming year.

Founder of LLC University outlines basics of company formation

Entrepreneurs in California need to establish a business entity, often a limited liability company, to separate business operations from their personal finances. To aid people confronted by this process, one web designer built the website LLC University. The online resource guides people through the process of forming an LLC, and the founder has explained the general steps for company formation.

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