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Posts tagged "Mergers & Acquisitions"

Mergers and acquisitions can come with IT concerns

When two San Diego companies merge, or one company purchases another, integrating systems throughout their practices can be difficult and challenging. This can be particularly true in the case of IT departments that manage internal communications, customer data, public presence and other key issues. IT departments can be one of the most critical components of an enterprise's success whether it's a tech business or even a more traditional manufacturing or service-based company. A great deal of the company's security and communications rely on the work conducted by the IT department.

Merger and acquisition activity strong within health care sector

Health care companies represent a major force in the economy in California. Merger, acquisition and partnership activity in this sector has been strong, and a survey of health care companies showed that industry players remain very interested in exploring or completing new business deals. A 2018 survey conducted by HealthLeaders Media revealed that 71 percent of respondents are planning for expansions and partnerships over the next three years.

What it means for two companies to merge

Companies of all sizes in California could potentially find themselves merging with other organizations. Examples of notable past mergers include Exxon and Mobile joining forces in 1999 and Disney and Pixar coming together as one organization in 2006. When the move is complete, one company remains intact while the shares of the other company are absorbed into the surviving business.

Target, Kroger in talks about a potential merger

California consumers may be interested in learning that Target and Kroger have reportedly been in talks over a potential merger for a number of months. Target, which is based in Minneapolis, is considering the merger as a means to boost its grocery offerings.

Justice Department challenges AT&T bid to acquire Time Warner

Many California residents use content and services provided by AT&T Inc. or Time Warner Inc. In addition to owning DirecTV, AT&T is the second largest wireless provider in the nation and has 25 million service subscribers. Time Warner owns HBO and CNN. AT&T has sought to buy Time Warner for $85 billion, but the Department of Justice has blocked the transaction after citing concerns that the AT&T would control too much of the wireless and television market. The Justice Department asserts that AT&T would raise prices for millions of consumers.

Mergers and acquisitions among pharmaceutical companies

For some California companies, mergers and acquisitions may be a key way for them to experience strong growth and increased profits. Within the pharmaceutical industry, these types of transactions are fairly common. There are some things that companies should do to make the success of their deals more likely.

AT&T drops bias charge in Time Warner deal

California residents may have heard about AT&T's intention to buy Time Warner. The deal is currently being held up by a Department of Justice lawsuit. While AT&T originally planned to claim that political bias motivated the DOJ's decision, the communications company announced on March 9 that it no longer plans to use that defense in court. Specifically, AT&T had alleged that the government was preventing the sale because Time Warner is the parent company of CNN.

Cineworld shareholders approve acquisition of Regal Cinemas

California moviegoers might be interested in learning about the pending $3.6 billion acquisition of Regal Cinemas by Cineworld. The shareholders of Cineworld have approved the deal, which will create the second-largest cinema entity behind AMC.

New restaurant group will oversee more than 4,600 locations

A group of restaurant franchises in California and around the country will be overseen by a newly formed company known as Inspire Brands after Arby's Restaurant Group Inc. completed its acquisition of Buffalo Wild Wings Inc. The finalization of the $2.9 billion deal and formation of the new company was announced on Feb. 5. Arby's first revealed plans to acquire Buffalo Wild Wings in November 2017. The new company will also oversee R. Taco, which is a chain of 26 Mexican-themed fast-food restaurants acquired by Buffalo Wild Wings in 2014.

Mergers and acquisitions continue at a fierce pace

As the economy around the world has grown, an increasing number of businesses in California and elsewhere have turned to mergers and acquisitions. The year 2017 showed the third-highest rate of mergers and acquisitions since the 2008 financial crisis.

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