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Posts tagged "Mergers & Acquisitions"

Disney and Fox shareholders approve $71.3 billion deal

One of the biggest acquisitions in entertainment history took another step toward completion on July 27 when shareholders from California-based Disney and New York-based 21st Century Fox voted in favor of a deal worth $71.3 billion. The path was cleared for Disney to close the deal on July 19 when Comcast announced that it was bowing out of the race. The Pennsylvania-based telecommunications company entered the fray in June with a $65 billion bid for assets that include the FRX Network, the 21st Century Fox movie studio and National Geographic.

Blockchain company buys file-sharing firm

BitTorrent, the software company that created one of the most popular file-sharing programs, has become a part of the larger blockchain corporation, Tron. Tron reportedly paid $126 million for the software firm that has been in existence since 2004 and boasts 100 million users of its signature services, including the BitTorrent program and BitTorrent Now. The software will continue to be maintained, spokespeople said, saying that it will operate out of Tron's offices in San Francisco.

Television deal may be scuttled

California residents may be interested to learn that the head of the Federal Communications Commission has voiced concern about the planned $3.9 billion acquisition of Tribune Media Company by the Sinclair Broadcast Group Inc. This has resulted in the possibility of the acquisition being cancelled.

Stronger frozen food sales motivate Conagra and Pinnacle merger

Grocery shoppers in California routinely see food products from Conagra Brand and Pinnacle Foods on the shelves. Food industry analysts view the merger of the two companies as a sign that Conagra wanted to expand its presence in the frozen foods segment. Pinnacle recently generated half of its revenue from brands like Gardein vegetarian meals, Van de Kamp's and Birds Eye. The latest quarterly results from Conagra indicate that the company experienced sales growth in its refrigerated and frozen food brands.

More mega mergers possible after success of AT&T Time Warner deal

Mergers represent a method for companies in California to grow, but few will attain the scale of the one between AT&T and Time Warner. A federal judge has approved the joining of the media companies after a six-week trial initiated by the U.S. Department of Justice. The government's lawsuit had sought to block the merger on the grounds of reducing competition. The defendant companies argued that they needed to join forces to compete with Netflix and Amazon. The approval of the deal could pave the way for other mergers of large companies, like the proposed deals between CVS and Aetna and Cigna and Express Scripts.

Why health care companies are banking on technology

According to business experts, mergers and acquisitions in health care are becoming more commonplace because organizations want to increase market share. Many leaders cite consolidation as the key to expanding business and improving retention. This trend could have a major affect on the California health care market.

How to complete a strategic merger

Those who want to sell their California business will need a strategy for a successful transaction. A strategic buyer could be a larger competitor or a company in another industry that could make use of whatever the business being sold has created. There are many advantages to finding a strategic buyer such as getting a higher sale price or seeing the company grow after the sale.

Mergers and acquisitions can come with IT concerns

When two San Diego companies merge, or one company purchases another, integrating systems throughout their practices can be difficult and challenging. This can be particularly true in the case of IT departments that manage internal communications, customer data, public presence and other key issues. IT departments can be one of the most critical components of an enterprise's success whether it's a tech business or even a more traditional manufacturing or service-based company. A great deal of the company's security and communications rely on the work conducted by the IT department.

Merger and acquisition activity strong within health care sector

Health care companies represent a major force in the economy in California. Merger, acquisition and partnership activity in this sector has been strong, and a survey of health care companies showed that industry players remain very interested in exploring or completing new business deals. A 2018 survey conducted by HealthLeaders Media revealed that 71 percent of respondents are planning for expansions and partnerships over the next three years.

What it means for two companies to merge

Companies of all sizes in California could potentially find themselves merging with other organizations. Examples of notable past mergers include Exxon and Mobile joining forces in 1999 and Disney and Pixar coming together as one organization in 2006. When the move is complete, one company remains intact while the shares of the other company are absorbed into the surviving business.

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