Business Formation and Transactions

Reliable Advice About Business Formation and Operations

At the law firm of Caufield & James, our attorneys provide comprehensive client service as counsel to new, emerging and established businesses of all kinds. Contact our office to learn how our experience can benefit your company — even if it doesn’t exist yet.

We provide comprehensive business counsel for entrepreneurs and startups

A Caufield & James business lawyer can advise new companies about the range of their entity selection choices and the advantages and disadvantages of each: business corporation, partnership, LLC, LLP or subchapter S corporation. Once you’ve identified the business structure that best fits your capital structure, management style and risk profile, we take care of all of the details of formation, registration and defining the rights and obligations of your ownership team.

You can benefit from our small business consulting and strategic planning

Our experience with advising small to mid-sized businesses of all kinds in Southern California can expand your options and help you pursue new opportunities in your market long after formation. We serve as outside general counsel to many companies in the biotech, information technology, medical device, and Internet sectors. We also advise professional practice groups in medicine, accounting and the law about managing the legal aspects of their work on issues from regulatory compliance to updating shareholder or operating agreements.

We advise new and established businesses on the full range of legal questions that can arise on a daily basis, especially when you’re considering a significant change in the scale or nature of your operations:

  • Employment and executive compensation issues
  • Intellectual property issues involving licensing, distribution or enforcement
  • Trade secrets, noncompete and confidentiality agreements
  • Equity financing through access to the venture capital markets
  • Secured and unsecured loans
  • Advice and documentation for the acquisition or divestiture of business assets
  • Commercial real estate transactions
  • Environmental and land use considerations

Our clients run the gamut from small family retailers to billion-dollar private corporations. We take the legal problems of new and smaller companies just as seriously as we do those of our largest clients, and businesses of all sizes appreciate our prompt and individualized attention to their opportunities and problems.

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