Recovery From The California Wildfire Devastation

One of the most destructive wildfire disasters in history has devastated California residents, homeowners and businesses. The fires have taken lives, burned more than 160,000 acres and destroyed more than 8,500 homes and other buildings. The amount of damage left behind is massive.

If you or a loved one suffered a loss in the wildfires, this is an extremely overwhelming time as you attempt to recover. As you do so, it is important to know that an investigation is underway into possible causes, including downed power lines. A Santa Rosa couple who lost their home was the first to file suit against Pacific Gas & Electric alleging the company failed to maintain properly its power lines.

Fighting For Californians In Wildfire Claims

Seeking the advice of an attorney now can help you as you move forward on the path to recovery. Caufield & James is a law firm with attorneys highly experienced in environmental litigation and insurance law. We have successfully represented individuals and businesses in claims resulting in large settlements, including more than $10 million paid to our clients in a complex, multiparty environmental contamination case. Our lawyers have worked on matters that have received local and national attention, such as the California Chromium 6 Litigation (made famous by the Erin Brockovich movie).

While we have the case experience comparable to big firms, what you will find comforting is the small, client-focused atmosphere. We believe this approach is most beneficial to our clients.

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