Environmental Counsel

Advising California Businesses About Environmental Law

As environmental counsel to small and mid-sized companies throughout Southern California, the attorneys of Caufield & James help our clients identify, assess and avoid regulatory and litigation risks in their business operations. To learn how your business can benefit from our experience with the full gamut of state and federal environmental law, contact one of our lawyers.

Our advisory role for many companies can be characterized as environmental general counsel. We advise and represent manufacturers, property developers, transfer and trucking companies, agribusinesses, and even such retailers as dry cleaners and auto dealerships and gas stations about managing the environmental risk of their daily operations and any special projects or transactions.

We advise clients about such matters as the following:

  • Land use and zoning issues
  • Licenses and permits for the use or disposal of hazardous chemicals and other substances
  • New construction that requires environmental review or an environmental impact report or statement under state or federal law
  • Due diligence on brownfields or CERCLA liability issues in real estate transactions
  • Insurance coverage issues involving losses or liability for pollution or toxic torts
  • Environmental implications of water rights transactions
  • Resolving regulatory or compliance issues involving the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the California Environmental Protection Agency (CEPA), the California Department of Toxic Substances Control, local air quality protection boards, or any other agency with enforcement authority

Any business that assumes environmental risk in its operations or transactions can benefit from the counsel of a law firm that knows how to identify and assess those risks to find cost-effective ways of dealing with them. For example, in a real estate transaction, we can draft language in the purchase agreement that places compliance responsibilities and liability for violations with the other party, including duties of defense and indemnification.

Our experience with the environmental problems that many businesses need to deal with is discussed more specifically throughout this Web site. To discuss your specific situation with one of our attorneys, contact Caufield & James.