Caufield & James L.L.P. – Environmental | Video Transcript

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At Caufield & James, we have an environmental practice group that specializes in everything –

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– from property-contamination matters to air issues to water law to California Environmental Quality Act, also to Endangered Species Act. We understand the science, and since so many environmental issues revolve around the science, being able to work with the experts and consultants and understanding what they’re talking about and putting it into, essentially, layman’s speak for many of our clients is key, because it helps the client understand what’s going on, and it also helps us to effectively represent the client.

Over the last decade, we’ve had a lotta clients come to us when they’ve received letters from regulatory agencies. What we do is we counsel the clients on how to hire environmental consultant, what’s needed to comply with the regulations, and then we formulate a plan.

At Caufield & James, we have a goal with each client: to give them high-quality legal representation at a reasonable price.

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