The Environmental Protection Agency has reported a drop in the amount of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States by 10 percent since 2010. While the EPA says this is in line with the government’s Climate Action Plan, it is not news worth celebrating, quite yet. Environmental scholars say that this could just be a temporary dip and they aren’t sure how significant of a change this represents.

While this decline is attributed to a decline in the number of coal generating power plants, the EPA and government agencies are working to enforce laws regarding carbon emissions around the country. Environmental regulations can sometimes lead to both State of California and federal compliance issues.

When a company is investigated for environmental issues, an investigation can not only require significant company resources to show that they are compliant, but it can also lead to public opinions on the company and potentially damage a company’s reputation. Even if an organization is found to be in compliance with all regulations, just having an investigation can sometimes be detrimental.

An experienced California environmental law attorney can help ensure that a company is fully compliant with government regulations. If a company is the subject of an investigation, an attorney can work to demonstrate to government agencies that they are compliant and work to prevent such investigations in the future. This will allow a company to allocate its resources toward serving its customers, instead of having to prove that they are following state and federal regulations.

Source: Newsweek, “Greenhouse Emissions Are Declining, But Don’t Break Out the Party Hats,” Alexander Nazaryan, Oct. 23, 2013