If you own a business that operates in California, you may feel overwhelmed by the number of regulations you need to abide by in order to run your business. You may feel frustrated and even confused by the myriad of employment, contract, advertising and real estate regulations you must take into consideration. It may also seem daunting that you need to remain aware of regulations on a local, state and federal level. If you feel overwhelmed by the legal issues affecting your business, you are certainly not alone.

Thankfully, certain professionals can aid you in the successful and legal operation of your business. Just as financial planners can aid you in addressing the monetary issues of your business, attorneys can aid you in addressing the legal issues of your business. It is important to note however, that many attorneys specialize in one area or another. While one attorney may be able to help you with contract disputes and employment challenges, another may aid you in real estate matters.

Many California business owners have also discovered that it is helpful and sometimes even necessary to consult an attorney experienced in environmental law. If your business operations pose any kind of environmental risk to the air, water or earth, you will likely benefit from guidance on this specific area of law. Not only are federal environmental regulations complex and relatively strict, California has some of the most stringent environmental regulations of any state in the union. Because failure to understand and properly honor these regulations could cost your business and even imperil its operations, seeking professional guidance on environmental issues is generally a good idea.