When we refer to “a complicated statutory and regulatory scheme” that applies to water rights and law in California, we really mean it.

We make that reference on a page of our website that addresses the basic history and contours of water law in California. And we note further therein that water-related statutes and case law in the state are products of a lengthy historical amalgamation — a complex interplay, if you will — that liberally mixes old Spanish and Mexican precepts based on a civil-law tradition with centuries-old English law and “a highly developed environmental protection ethic characteristic of contemporary California values.”

What do you get with a recipe like that?

Foremost, you get complexity. Secondarily, you get a virtual assurance that every party in the state that is involved in any manner with a water-related environmental issue is decidedly serious about the matter.

For obvious reasons, water-based issues can be tremendously important for businesses of all types in California, whether they are manufacturers of some product, real-estate developers, agricultural enterprises or some other entity.

The bottom line in a water-related matter — whether it concerns use rights, allegations of polluting activities, permit applications, public hearings or additional issues — often goes to the very heart of business viability.

And that makes water law a tremendously important topic in California.

The Southern California environmental law firm of Caufield & James, LLP, well appreciates the varied concerns our clients relate to us regarding legal matters pertaining to water in the state. We provide representation across the entire spectrum of water-related issues, and welcome questions and comments from readers concerning any aspect of this vitally important legal sphere.