Californians might be interested in learning that JPMorgan Chase & Co. has agreed to purchase WePay, a financial technology startup. The bank decided to acquire WePay in order to help small businesses with the faster collection of payments.

JPMorgan business customers will be able to use WePay with the bank’s software. The bank has 4 million small business customers for whom the acquisition is targeted. WePay was founded in 2008 and currently works with FreshBooks and GoFundMe. JP Morgan has formed other partnerships with financial technology firms, including On Deck Capital Inc. and

The bank decided to acquire WePay instead of partnering with it because both companies felt that the payments business would be better if it was owned by the bank. JPMorgan’s acquisition of WePay is the first acquisition of a fintech company by the bank. The CEO and founder of WePay said that he will work on JPMorgan’s behalf to turn the bank into one of the top technology employers in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Source: Bloomberg, “JPMorgan to buy payment firm WePay in rare fintech acquisition,” Jennifer Surane, Oct. 17, 2017.