Those who are thinking of starting a business in California or elsewhere should know that only 20 percent of businesses survive past the first year. Half of these companies fail because of a lack of funding or ability to generate a profit. This often is due to business owners taking any deals that they are offered when first starting their companies.

However, doing so may compromise either the founder’s values or the standards that the company wants to follow. By looking for the right fit, an organization may prosper in the long run even if it means losing a few deals in the present. A startup also may struggle if it does not have a proper name. It is important to remember that a company’s name is the first thing by which an investor or client will judge it. The name also goes on a website and an app. Therefore, it should be short, catchy and an accurate reflection of the brand.

To succeed in business, it may be best for entrepreneurs to work with the competition as it may help them reach the next level. In fact, competitors may serve as referrals or otherwise help facilitate deals. Of course, business owners should know which competitors are worth working with and which ones will only try to tear them down.

Having majority ownership in a startup company may present a series of challenges. However, it may be possible for someone to overcome some or all of these challenges with the right guidance. For instance, an attorney may be able to help a new business owner comply with regulatory obligations or create agreements with investors or partners. This step may reduce or eliminate the impact of a dispute that may cost time and money to resolve.