Proper business formation and planning in California allows entrepreneurs to take advantage of the state’s status as the world’s fifth-biggest economy. While the Golden State is home to many types of industries, tech startups are particularly popular among young entrepreneurs. Since there is so much competition, however, startups should take steps to maximize the possibility of success.

A Silicon Valley startup is no different from any other business when it comes to launching. For starters, money is key to getting off the ground. Whether the entity form is a joint venture or limited partnership, attracting the eye of venture capital is of prime importance. Experts stress that who owns what piece is not as important as just getting the money to get the startup off the ground.

After funding is secured, the vital next step is hiring the right people for the enterprise. Experts stress that the best employees for a new business may not the be the same as with a merger or buyout, where workers are already in place. Rather, “techies” who might not have the most advanced people skills or business savvy could be the best options. Their skills may be more apt for creating a new product that will enchant the marketplace and attract further investors.

In these areas and many more, entrepreneurs may benefit from the assistance of an attorney who understands business formation and planning. From financial transactions to regulatory compliance, the right lawyer can help keep tech dreamers firmly rooted to the ground so that their business visions can come to life.