Since the legalization of recreational cannabis in California, edible products infused with cannabis have become more popular with consumers. Retail figures from the third quarter of 2018 ranked Plus Products Inc. as the producer of the best-selling edibles brand in the state. To build upon this success, Plus acquired GOOD CO-OP, another producer of baked cannabis foods.

GOOD had already established its products with consumers by making brownies and pumpkin spice goldies without additives or preservatives. The management at Plus views the acquisition of GOOD as a means of expanding farther into the cannabis baked goods market. Plus was already operating a 12,000-square-foot manufacturing facility and now has brought another 4,800 square feet of manufacturing capacity under its umbrella by buying GOOD.

The CEO and co-founder of GOOD welcomed the acquisition because the company had been seeking a strategic partner that could accommodate its plans for expansion. Plus had the resources to manufacture food products at a greater scale. The CEO and co-founder of Plus said that both companies shared the values necessary to produce high-quality foods.

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Source: Market Watch, “With Strategic Acquisition, Plus Products Expands Capacity & Offering — CFN Media“, Dec. 6, 2018